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By Dumisani Ntiwane

(SNSRC Media Officer)

Shukuma Swaziland!

Congratulations are in order to a person of no less stature than His Majesty King Mswati 111 and indeed the whole Swazi nation on the 50th anniversary.

It is double celebrations, as His Majesty is turning 50 and the nation is celebrating five decades of independence.

The Swaziland National Sport and Recreation Council (SNSRC) joins the nation in celebrating this milestone.

We proudly say Bayethe Wena Waphakathi, Khula Mlisa, Khula Ntsandzane yelive. Uyimbube uyesabeka, udla amathole ezinyathi!

We are so proud to have a leader like His Majesty, who is not just passionate about sports but leads like example. A king is a king by his people and for his people. His Majesty has never failed to encourage the nation to live a healthy life and he himself is a fitness fanatic. It is probably why he has lived to see 50 years. We wish him so many more years to come.

Indeed, we have come a long way.

The mission of the SNSRC is to develop and regulate all sport and recreation activities in the kingdom through quality sport and recreation programmes and facilitating maximum access to resources and opportunities for Swazi citizens.

Our vision is to create a well-regulated and coordinated sport industry that promotes a healthy, passionate, proud and winning nation in sport and recreation.

The SNSRC is now partners with the Swaziland Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association (SOCAGA). SOCAGA is a key partner of the SNSRC and was given the mandate to propagate the Olympic movement ideals and lead Swazi Sports Teams to the main multi-sport international Games namely: Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games and the Africa Games.

The SNSRC and SOCGA collaborate through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).


The SNSRC Main Programmes

Shukuma Swaziland (Our flagship programme)

This, the SNSRC’s flagship programme primarily advocates participation in sport and physical activity by all Swazis for health benefits and other intrinsic benefits.


Disability Sport

The Disability Sport programme is a repertoire of activities designed for people living with a disability.

The programme primarily seeks to create opportunities that will increase the participation and involvement of people living with a disability in sport and physical activity.

Gender Equity

The Gender Equity programme seeks to foster operations that equitably allocate resources programmes and decision-making opportunities across all gender groups.


The Sport Education and Accreditation Systems (SEAS) seeks to establish a National Framework with common reference points and levels of competency for the training and accreditation of all sport practitioners in Swaziland, aligned to the African Union Sports Council Region 5 Framework.


The Podium Performance Programme (PPP) is the High Performance Programme of the SNSRC in collaboration with the SOCGA.

This programme seeks to create an environment and programmes that will enhance a high level performance by Swazi athletes.

Swaziland National Sports Awards

The Swaziland National Sports Awards are the ultimate reward programme of sport in Swaziland. The Awards seek to recognise and motivate excellence in sport participation by all sport practioners.

SNSRC Strategic Objectives

Objective 1:

Sport for All

Objective 2

Capacity Development

Objective 3

Marketing and Communication

Objective 4

Partnerships and Resource Mobilisation

Objective 5:

Governance and Administration

Objective 6

High Performance

Objective 7

International Relations and International Participation

Objective 8

Infrastructure Development


Ntondozi here we come

On 28 April, the dynamic SNSRC team will invade the Ntondozi Inkhundla to deliver our flagship programme Shukuma.

This will be next week Saturday to be precise.

As it is the norm, our activities will start as early as 7.30 am and will probably last until 2pm at the latest. We are expecting the young and old, the able and disabled to be part of this fun day. Our Shukuma programmes never fail to thrill and delight. We cater for everyone and we certainly do not discriminate against colour, appearance and ability.

Those that have been part of the programme in other areas, as we seek to cover the whole country, will readily attest to the fact that we have incentives for our participants. We want to encourage healthy living among Swazis. This is who we are. This is what we do. We are the SNSRC.

Everyone is invited to be part of the fun on this big day. We are not only expecting residents from surrounding areas like Khalanglile, Mphini, Luyengo and others but we are expecting people from places like Bethany, Mahlanya, Malkerns as well. Let us all make the effort

Activities on the day will include our 5km walk, aerobics with our top instructor Khanya Mavuso, kids’ athletics, indigenous games, tug of war, table tennis, tennis, Oyama Karate, cricket, netball, soccer and many more fun games.





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