Shukuma Swaziland!
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We can hardly wait for the first Shukuma programme of the year. Of course, this is our flagship programme, which encourages mass participation in sport and recreation activities.
Hopefully, everyone is aware by now that the Sigwe Inkhundla is blessed to host the first Shukuma of 2018.
It promises to be the biggest by far. Indicators are that we could have the biggest attendance, one that could eclipse the record set by the Lamgabhi Inkhundla in 2016. You will recall that the SNSRC advocates for mass participation in sports.
It is the SNSRC vision to have a well-regulated and coordinated sport industry that promotes a healthy, passionate, proud and winning nation in sports and recreation.
The good news for the Sigwe folk is the fact that an impressive number our recognised sports associations will be present on the day. We have never had so many associations in one place at a time.
The Swaziland Tennis Association (STA), Swaziland National Table Tennis Association (SNTA), Athletics Associations of Swaziland (AAS), Swaziland Cricket Association (SCA), the Swaziland Darts Association, the Cycling Association of Swaziland (CAS), National Volleyball Association of Swaziland (SNVA), Oyama Karate, Swaziland Boxing Association (SWABA) and Taekwondo to mention just a few, will all be available to teach the Sigwe folk a thing or two about their respective sports. We will also have our fun games as usual. Some of these games include but are not limited to kids’ athletics, rope skipping, darts, and of course the indigenous games, which are a favourite for most. Such games include the likes of umlabalaba, draft and others.

The day’s programme
8 am – Welcome remarks by Indvuna Yenkhundla
8. 10 am – 5km walk
9. 30 m – Aerobics
10. 30 am – Swaziland Diabetes
10:40 am – Royal Swaziland Police (RSP) Crime Prevention
10: 50 am – Breast and Cervical Cancer Network
11.00 am – Population Services International (PSI Swaziland)
11.10 am– Different sports code stations (Playing and participation in the different sports on offer)
13 00 – football (SNSRC team vs Sigwe Pick team)
14000 – Vote of thanks – SNSRC Media Officer
1410 – Refreshments
See you at Sigwe!

Volleyball on the rise
The Swaziland National Volleyball Association (SNVA) will be officially launching their sponsored league.
This is the first sponsorship to the volleyball fraternity in a very long time.
The event is slated for this coming Saturday at the Mavuso Sports Centre.
Worth noting is that the sponsorship covers both the males and females’ leagues. The name of the sponsor will be unveiled on Saturday during the function. There is no doubt that the sport of volleyball is on the right track. Special thanks go to the sponsor for their kind gesture. Indeed, they have made a significant contribution to the development of the sport of volleyball in the land. This column also salutes the SNVA executive for their tireless efforts in ensuring that the sport does grow.

Our two interns hit the ground running
The SNSRC prides itself in empowering the youth. That is why at the moment we have two students attached to the office.
Lungelolakhe Dlamini, recently completed his studies at the Limkokwing University where he obtained his Associate Degree in Public Relations and Mncedzisisi Malambe, who is currently studying towards being a Graphic Designer, are both currently enjoying their attachment with us.
Already, the duo has had a feel of what happens in the world of sports, as they were part of the SNSRC dynamic team that manned water stations during recent races in the Wafa Wafa and the Tuff One respectively.
They will be with the SNSRC for the next three months. We do hope that all of our stakeholders will give them the cooperation and assistance they need for them to be able to execute their duties.
Until next week Shukuma Swaziland!

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to the youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where there was only despair. It is more powerful than government in breaking down racial barriers. It laughs in the face of all kinds of discrimination.”- Nelson Mandela May 25, 2000.




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