The Sigwe Inkhundla is set to host the first Shukuma programme of 2018, the Swaziland National Sport and Recreation Council (SNSRC) has announced.
The Sigwe Inkhundla is coincidentally where Minister of Sport, Culture and Youth Affairs David ‘Cruiser’ Ngcamphalala hails from.

After a brief break, which coincided with the festive season, SNSRC will host the first Shukuma programme of the year on 3 March 2018, which is about a nine days from now.

Shukuma Swaziland is our flagship programme, which accomplishes an important function in both the social and sporting landscape in the country. Such a programme has even attracted international interest, as a number of states are eager to roll it out in their respective countries.The primary objective is to encourage mass participation in physical activity or some sport by all people living in the country.

Our Shukuma programme also serves as a platform of confronting other societal challenges like poverty, crime and HIV/AIDS to mention just a few everyday challenges. We are expecting the people of Sigwe and surrounding areas to come out in their numbers to play on the day..

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