Sport for all!
……one of our strategic objectives is to encourage mass participation in sports
By Dumisani Ntiwane
(SNSRC Media Officer)

Shukuma Swaziland!
It is another lovely Thursday. It is yet another great opportunity for everyone to learn more about the operations of the sports umbrella body in the land, the Swaziland National Sport and Recreation Council (SNSRC).
It is our mission to develop and regulate all sport and recreation activities in the country through quality sport and recreation programmes and facilitating maximum access to resources and opportunities for the country’s citizens. It is also our vision to have a well regulated and coordinated sport industry that promotes a healthy, passionate, proud and winning nation in sport and recreation. That is why we do what we do.
The SNSRC has eight strategic objectives in place. These are Sport for all, Capacity Development, Marketing and Communication, Partnerships and Resource Mobilisations, Governance and Administration, High Performance, International Relations and International Participation and lastly but not at all least, Infrastructure Development.
In encouraging mass participation in sports, the SNSRC came up with the brilliant Shukuma Swaziland programme, which is really our flagship programme.
Our mass participation programme actually advocates and promotes participation in sport and physical activity by all Swazis for health benefits and other intrinsic advantages. That is why we want the country’s citizens not to dare miss our Shukuma. This affords them the rare opportunity to take part in the different sporting codes all at the same time.
Mkhiweni here we come!
Having said that, let us hasten to remind the people of Mkhiweni and indeed the surrounding areas that on Saturday is D-day!
After the tremendous success of the first Shukuma of the year in Sigwe, last Saturday, focus now turns to the Mkhiweni Inkhundla.
This one will mark the second Shukuma of the year.
As stated in our last column, we are expecting both the young and the old. We are expecting the able and the disabled.
The Mkhiweni Inkhundla houses three chiefdoms. These are Dvokolwako, Mbelebeleni and Ekutsimuleni. The people living around these places should grab the opportunity with both hands. It will be a rare treat for them. Let me also take the opportunity to invite those that would be interested to sweat it out under the watchful eye of our fitness experts, to come in great numbers as well.
The SNSRC prides itself in the fact that the aerobic sessions, which have proven to be favourite amongst the people, are led by one of the country’s top Aerobics Instructors in Khanya Mavuso. He makes it enjoyable for both the young and the old.
Our activities always start with a walk. We encourage everyone to take part in this walk, which is usually about five km, before the start of the main activities.
Our Sports Associations are also invited to once again come in their numbers to showcase their sporting codes. Shukuma always provides them with the perfect platform to do that. The truth is that Shukuma avails them with a great opportunity to take their sport to the people.
SNSRC fully supports Women in Sports
Our last column touched on women and since it is women month, we indeed need to celebrate our grandmothers, mothers and sisters – the fairer ex.
The feedback from the last column was absolutely amazing. It was almost unbelievable and I must say we were humbled to get so many responses, comments and suggestions on the issue of women, especially those involved in sports.
The suggestions and comments were so many, space constraints however make it impossible for one to respond to each one individually. Judging however, by most, this column will briefly address a few of the everyday problems women in sports encounter on a day to day basis. Some may have missed last week’s article. They can refer to our last column.

The many problems women face:
• Sport for women is not recognized as employment creation for women but as leisure.
• Sport and recreation in society is treated as leisure, and not promoted to serve as employment creation.
• Culture dictates that women belong to the kitchen not in the sport field.

• Wearing of appropriate sport gear is not acceptable for women.

• Women in rural communities are not allowed to wear appropriate sport gear.

• Women are always looking down upon themselves.

• Social norms, values and beliefs, they become a barrier to women sport, for example, sport gear.
Hopefully, this sheds light on the everyday problems local women face in their endeavour to participate in sports. It is our duty to therefore ensure we create a conducive environment for everyone irrespective of gender to fully participate in sports.
Handball gets Zambia invite
The International Handball Federation (IHF) has extended an invitation to their local counterparts to participate in a week long tournament slated for Lusaka, Zambia.
The good news is that the IHF has pledged to cover travelling and accommodation expenses for a total of 14 players, two coaches and the head of delegation.
During the tournament, which is usual practise during such tournaments, the IHF will also be running a coaching course. The locals if they eventually go, will no doubt learn a lot during the tournament and of course the coaching course.
Visit our website
Recently, the SNSRC announced the rebirth of our website. Just log on to
Updates of our programmes in particular our flagship one, Shukuma and the latest sports news can all be found in the website. We believe that we have also created the perfect platform for our Sports Associations especially those recognised by the SNSRC.

“The successful man will profit from his mistakes and try again in a different way”. – Dale Carnegie

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