The Eswatini Sport & Recreation Council (ESRC) is the supreme governing body for sport in Eswatini . It is a Government Category A Public enterprise mandated to regulate and promote sports development and sports for positive social change. Its mandate is an endeavour to contribute to national development goals in line with the Eswatini Development Index. The organization receives an annual subvention from Government to deliver this huge national mandate that encompasses passive recreation, recreational sport, competitive sport and elite (international) participation.


To create a well regulated and coordinated sport industry that promotes a healthy, passionate, proud and winning nation in sport and recreation.


To develop and regulate all sport and recreation activities in the Kingdom through quality sport and recreation programs and facilitating maximum access to resources and opportunities for Swazi citizens.


1.Integrity – Bucotfo

– honesty, trustworthiness, truthfulness, consistency

– acting according to the highest ethical standards and transparency

2.Respect – Inhlonipho

– We treat others with dignity, honoring their right to exist

– We listen to others and treat everybody in the organization and our stakeholders as important

3.Accountability – Kumelela Lokwentile

– making commitments and being willing to be judged against them.

– delivering on commitments

– being responsible for our actions