Disability sport is a term that refers to sport designed for, or specifically practised, by people living with disabilities. People with disabilities are also referred to as athletes living with disabilities.

The Swaziland National Sport and Recreation Council (SNSRC) has been running a Disability Sport Program through the Sports Development Department since 2015 and has in the process encouraged her Membership to follow suit. The climax of the program is the Annual National Sports day for people living with Disabilities. This day is meant to sensitise the Swazi Nation about Disability Sport and how they can contribute in developing it. SNSRC subscribes to the ‘Sport For All-Sport For Life’ ideology, which is inclusive of the disabled community.

For a long time, the disabled community have been left out in a lot of developmental programs. During the National Sports Day for people with Disabilities all the institutions that are involved with the disabled community work together with SNSRC for the successful hosting of the event, which also works as a strategy to encourage Membership to do the same at association level. Lack of special equipment and specialised sports infrastructure is one obstacle that has been a challenge for SNSRC, in running the event.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that over 650 million people live with disabilities of various types, and the number is increasing due to the rise of chronic diseases, injuries, car crashes, falls, violence and other causes such as ageing. Of this total, 80% live in low-income countries; most are poor and have limited or no access to basic services, including rehabilitation facilities. The rising incidence of disability, particularly in developing countries has the potential to place further burdens on governments and health care systems. Sport can be a low-cost and effective means to foster positive health and well-being, social inclusion and community building for people living with disabilities.


To created opportunities that will increase the participation and involvement of people living with a disability in sport.


  • Membership
  • People living with a Disability
  • Special Schools
  • Swaziland National Sport and Recreation Council
  • Government
  • Federation of the Disabled in Swaziland (FODSWA)