The Swaziland National Sports Awards are the ultimate reward program of sport in Swaziland. The Awards seek to recognise and motivate excellence in sport participation by all sport practioners.


Nomination is guided by the National Sports Awards Rulebook. The National Sports Awards are designed in a way that involves contributions from all over 25 recognised National Sport Associations and other relevant stakeholders, including the media. Only the top three nominees for each category are announced prior to the Awards Gala Evening, with the exception of the Lifetime Achievement Award whose winner is announced on the night by the Honourable Minister of Sport, Culture and Youth Affairs.


The National Sports Awards carry a total of thirteen categories. These thirteen categories are:

  • Outstanding Junior Sportsman
  • Outstanding Junior Sportswomen
  • Outstanding Sportsman
  • Outstanding Sportswoman
  • Outstanding Sportsman with a Disability
  • Outstanding Sports Team
  • Outstanding Coach
  • Outstanding Sports Leader
  • Outstanding National Sport Association
  • Outstanding Sports Journalist
  • Sports Star
  • Lifetime Achievement Sport Award


The trophy is a culmination of a passionate journey of a humble, bold, daring and eager sports person. A Swazi whose unrelenting tenacity and profound attitude inspires unprecedented levels of raw trust, loyalty and adventure to admirers and devoted followers in the Swazi Nation.


GOLD- the colour of wealth, success and status. Gold is generous and giving, compassionate and loving. Gold is royal. Gold is the colour of the winner.

BLACK- black is formal, elegant and prestigious.


FLAME- A beacon of light, the pinnacle, the manifestation of our sports prowess.

CLAY POT- A vessel used for storing food, water and cooking. (A STORE OF VALUE). It represents the strong value we attach to our talent, knowledge and skills which drives success.

SHIELD- Symbol of UNITY. All races, religions etc. are united against our rivals/competitors/competition. We are united in purpose and belief. We RALLY behind our troops!

SPEAR- Like a pen, a spear inscribes indelible commitments to a course of action. As sports people we are making a sports covenant to lead an exemplary life to the present and future generations both on and off the field of play.

HIDE- A by-product of slaughter. Animal hide provides ideal raw material for clothing and other innovative industrial use. A fashion symbol. It symbolises the pulling together of the entire nation towards a single minded purpose.

COAL- Found mainly in underground deposits and widely used as a fuel. It has been used to symbolise our heredital warrior spirit that is embedded in our DNA and has been passed from generation to generation. A national call from the THRONE has been made to UNLEASH our potential for the  world to see. Our inner beliefs and values have been challenged to rise and propel ourselves to GREATNESS

The seamless integration of the values leads us to proclaim this trophy as LIGCABO LETFU (OUR PRIDE).