The Eswatini Sport & Recreation Council has been an advocate for equitable participation in sport and recreation. To this effect, the Eswatini Sport & Recreation Council and the Eswatini Olympic & Commonwealth Games Association shall be directing efforts towards empowerment of women and promotion of the gender mainstreaming narrative. In the coming month, a National Women Sports Commission shall be established and shall be charged with the task of coordinating advancement of women and gender mainstreaming issues at policy, advocacy and capacity development levels.


Relationship to the Strategic Framework for the period 2015- 2020 Goals: Mass Participation/Sport for All

  • To create participation opportunities in sport/physical activity & recreation for people of all ages and gender groups.

Specific Strategic Objectives:

  • To increase participation at all levels by girls, women, people with a disability, Youth at risk and other vulnerable communities
  • To monitor delivery, advocate and foster gender equity participation in sport & recreation by recognized national sports & recreation bodies
  • To ensure recognized sport bodies establish and support sports structures that promote equity, inclusion and gender mainstreaming.

Women Leadership Programme

The Women Leadership Programme will seek to provide capacitation of a minimum 20 young women per operating period of the Eswatini Sport & Recreation Council through collaboration with the Eswatini Olympic & Commonwealth Games Association and through support from the African Union Sports Council Region 5.


Core Topics

Session 1 – TBC

Introduction to Women in Sport

  • History of Women in Sport: Environmental analysis of women in sport in Eswatini.
  • Barriers & Solutions: Critical analysis of barriers to women participation in sport in Eswatini and development of solutions.
  • Impact: Why women participation is important.
  • Opportunities: Leadership & Participation.

Leadership Theories & Application 1

  • Leadership Defined
  • Leadership Theories & Styles
  • Leadership Core Values
  • Leadership Competencies 1
  • Case Study (On one of the above topics)

Session 2 – TBC

Leadership Theories & Styles

  • Leadership Competencies 2
  • Management Competencies 1
  • Management Competencies 2
  • Case Study (On one of the above topics)

Session 3 – TBC


  • Managing Finances
  • Managing Strategically
  • Managing People
  • Case Study (On one of the above topics)

Session 4 – TBC

Gender Mainstreaming

Sport for All – Concept, Benefits and Programmes

Managing Events

Case Study (On one of the above topics)



  • A minimum total of 20 young women leaders produced per year.

Entry Requirements

  • Female aged between 18 to 35 years old.
  • Proficient in a working level of English.
  • Hold (as a minimum) high-school diploma.
  • Must be passionate about sport and sport administration & leadership.
  • Commitment to partake in all scheduled Programme activities.
  • Possess good communication, interpersonal and time and project management skills.
  • Proficient with Microsoft office and access to a computer and internet.
  • Current or previous involvement and knowledge and understanding of sports administration or any other involvement in sport is an added advantage (however this is not compulsory).

Application Procedure

Interested young women can access and complete the Online Application Form (OAF) on or before Tuesday 15th September 2020 via the following link – https://forms.gle/FSKMfSBaD7kMFXzq6

Additional information can be sought through contact via email at zama@sportscouncil.org.sz



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